Closeout Drinkware Box! Assorted Tumblers & Water Bottles
Closeout Drinkware Box

Closeout Drinkware Box! Assorted Tumblers & Water Bottles

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Grab this while it's available!  1 Box of assorted drinkware 


You will receive a mix of acrylic and stainless tumblers.  You may also receive stainless and plastic water bottles.  Some items will simply be colors or styles that we are discontinuing while other items may have minor flaws or imperfections. You will receive at minimum a mix of 15 tumblers and water bottles. Items are purchased as is, some will have very minor flaws such as a small dent, a nick or a scratch, while a few may have been created as mock ups or photo props and have vinyl decals which can be removed or left as is. There may also be sublimation tumblers with designs that have a minor flaw, or no flaw at all, but the tumblers are otherwise perfectly fine and great!  All items are new unused.

Items in the photo are just an example of the items you may receive. No substitutions, returns or exchanges.